Growth built on personalised service

Our mission is to provide a highly personalised end-to-end service to each of our airline customers. Personalised service has been the key reason why our family owned and run business has grown from a team of 4 people to over 150 team members in just 16 years.

Our comprehensive “end-to-end” personalised service is designed to suit the specific needs of each of our airline customers. It starts with the appointment of your own Personal Account Manager, who works closely with you to understand your needs and then designs your Inflight Catering solution.

This personal approach covers all aspects of our Inflight Catering services including your specific menu requirements, delivery requirements and post-flight trolley and tray cleaning, processing, recycling and storage requirements.

Dedication to Quality Assurance

We’re dedicated to ensuring the highest level of Food Safety and Quality Assurance across all of our operations.

Fully HACCP accredited and certified, our culture of constant improvement ensures that food safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Our sophisticated Food Safety Management Plan is ingrained in our shop floor processes and procedures.

Our quality team, headed by our dedicated food technologist with over 30 years industry experience, oversee our system which is constantly evolving to meet new process innovation and customer demands. We undertake a rigorous microbiological product and environmental testing regime and regularly report back to our customers on our testing results.

Location and Capacity

Our excellent location at Perth Airport has direct tarmac-access and our modern fleet of specialised vehicles enable us to deliver with clinical efficiency – 24/7.

In addition to our existing 1600m² kitchen, we’ve recently fitted out a new 1000m² dedicated warehouse. Our customers can now make use of our bonded storage facilities, which are conveniently located next to Perth International Airport.

This has enabled us to refit and remodel our existing facilities at the Domestic Airport and expand our hot kitchen and Halal production capabilities. This has allowed us to improve the scale and efficiency of our operations.

This makes it easier to supply our customers and their passengers with an excellent range of hot and cold meals 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our valued customers

As the mining industry in Australia has grown in recent years, we’ve grown with it. We currently provide a highly personalised service to airlines such as Cobham, Alliance, Network, Skippers, Maroomba, and 12 other regional operators.

Our customers transport many of the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers and other passengers from Perth Domestic airport to regional airports and mine-sites across WA.

The recent expansion of our facilities enables us to better serve our customers’ expanding needs and to also serve the needs of International airlines and Corporate operators operating from Perth.